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What Business Leaders Can Learn From Firefighters

After a treacherous fire season here in California we were inspired to self-reflect upon this admirable group.

As corporate leaders explore ways to elevate the effectiveness and professional excellence of their working teams, there is a lot to be learned from Fire Fighters. Their ability to quickly access problems, align logistics for action, and activate those solutions while simultaneously working with departments across government fields, make them an example that leaders today can learn a lot from. As a longtime fan of the iconic red truck and inspired by a fellow Fireman, in my constant search for inspiration to implement work culture and leadership change, I felt they’re a superb group to learn from.

Three Uncommon Sense Principles Leaders/Business can learn from Fire Fighters.

It takes a special person to run into a burning building when most of us would run out. As such it takes a special person to lead organizational change within a company and not every one has the power to remain focused in the line of fire.

Leadership should face and realize their problems tackling them head on.

They stay until the fire is out. Like most leaders of organizations and teams FireFighters are extremely committed to what they do. But unlike most of us they don’t go home when the day is done. Leaders must commit and dedicate themselves 110% to their mission—whatever it is. If you don’t know it, you’re already seeing flames/up in smoke.

You don’t see a party of one on a Fire Engine. They work as a team. Teamwork is essential to the success of their profession. Teamwork is what fuels a FireTeam and what should fuel leaders as well. Adopting a collaborative mindset and working together toward a collaborative goal should be one of a leader’s top priorities.

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