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Hand selected, and passionate about connection, our talented team ranges in ages from 16-55 to better analyze, reflect, and provide social insights for specific targeted audiences. Our team engages on all social fronts, while being focused in a specific platform, enabling us to stay on top of trends and mechanical changes to social sites. In layman’s terms? We’ve got your covered, we know our stuff, and we believe in the power of media.  

Founder, Social Media Strategist, Content Curater and Creator

With a big heart, Krystle is a natural gardener. Helping things grow truly defines her life. Utilizing her overwhelming compassion and innate ability to nurture, she puts love and care into everything she does, and every business she helps. Krystle is a sharer. She loves to learn and share what she learns with others. Hiking, yoga, writing, adventure, photography, storytelling, and pickled green beans are just a few of the important elements of her life. A go-getter, Krystle studied Business Management and Project Management at Chico State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree, and picked up a knack for numbers and graphs. With her background in branding, strategy, and marketing she believes in the power of social media, and how it can connect all aspects of a business. Peak & Pine Social Media was born out of passion for making businesses stronger.




Instagram: @kdwanders


Social Media Manager, Writer Content Curator 

Amanda Gray has an in-depth understanding of what social media and inbound marketing can do for a business. After all, she’s taken a hands on approach to the marketing of her own Indie music career for the past ten years, and recently applied her marketing skills for Nevada County Network Real Estate. Marry a craving for knowledge with a passion for creative ideation and a fierce competitive streak, and you’ve got Amanda. She approaches life with an addictive never quit attitude. She thrives to solve problems, recognizing that the possibilities are usually boundless—it’s identifying the most efficient and effective solutions. When Amanda isn’t working (which isn’t often) you’ll find her on stage strumming her five string, or on a fun adventure with her beautiful son, hubby and two furry friends. 



Twitter Master and Saavy Scheduler

Tiaona is our top-brass tweeting machine. Her positive attitude and attention to detail adds a youthful spirit to our well-rounded team. She adores puppies, animal print, bright neon colors and just about anything doused in glitter. If she could be anywhere in the world it would be sitting atop a mountain, soaking up the sun rays and fresh air—if there's cell reception, of course. Her favorite color is pink and she's often found snacking on apples and peanut butter.  Infatuated with analyzing peoples' interests and connecting appropriate dots, her favorite thing about Twitter is its entertainment factor. We often overhear her giggling at her iPad and she can be frequently found ending sentences with a #hashtag reference. Her passion for people and personalities makes her a perfect fit for the fast-paced social world. 



Twitter: @tiaonamariiie

Social Strategist, Research, Coordinator

Keelin is a lover of all things social media and tech. When she’s not studying hashtag trends or making and shaking on Instagram, you can find her sitting in a café in Palo Alto people watching, or taking pictures of her cat Luna. She’s a city provocateur exploring shops, art exhibitions, museums, restaurants--new and old. Her always-willing-to-learn mindset and slight addiction to Instagram make her a fabulous addition to the Peak & Pine team.



Instagram: @keelinmt

Social Media Sherpa, Project Manager

Christie is the sugar coated lattice to our social pie. Born and raised in northern California she’s the true being of Steve Miller's warm California girl. She loves nothing more than being outside soaking up sun rays near water--at the beach or the river, she's a happy girl. Swimming is her passion, in the water the rest of the world washes away. What she loves about social media is the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity, simply being able to communicate with people at any time in a complex world. When Christie's not managing projects and canoodling our social accounts you can find her exploring and wandering throughout the forests taking in all she can from the world.



Instagram: @christiewurster

Social Input, Office Support

Brynda is quite possibly Peak & Pine's biggest fan and supporter. She's thrilled to be a part of the team and assists with anything she can. From excel spreadsheets, to keeping our receipts organized and logged for tax purposes, to providing great insights for our 40-60 audience she eat sleeps and breathes everything Peak and Pine believes in. Brynda's blood/passion for supporting doesn't stop with Peak & Pine, when she's not on her tablet you can find her supporting her children's latest endeavor, St. Judes, or favorite sport team the 49ers. Brynda is a people person, often the center of attention, she lives for making people laugh (and once you hear hers you won't forget it!). Her loves include ballet, the color red, warm weather, roses and Sunday afternoon BBQ’s.



Peak & Pine's Furry Friends


Mr. Wee and Pixie

Peak & Pine Social loves our cuddly little furball mascots. A fixture at the office, and constantly keeping us entertained, they are our daily reminders to be loyal, to stay compassionate, and to have FUN. For more from our furry friends search #mrweewednesday.



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