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1) Do you want to manage your social media on your own but just don't have the time? 




2) Do you have interest in learning more about how social can work for your business?




3) Do you feel strong and conscious about social media, have current accounts set up, are equipped to use it, understand how it benefits you, have a plan in place, but just don't have time to manage it on your own?




4) Are you aware of social media, have current accounts set up, understand how to use it, but aren't seeing results, and want to be more effective?




5) Do you have no interest in social media or learning about it? You appreciate its value, and may or may not have accounts in place, but would prefer someone else take care of it on your behalf?




6) Do you have a team ready to take care of your social media management but need them trained so they can create a plan of attack and execute it efficiently?




7) Do you have a specific project or event coming up that you want to successfully promote?




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