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What we can learn from Facebook

Facebook has become a hot topic amongst social media marketers. There are case studies being conducted in attempt to understand the behavioral change on the social platform. And there’s an influx of articles questioning the value of Facebook (for businesses as a marketing tool) and the deletion of Facebook Business Pages all together. We agree the platform isn’t as viable for businesses as it once was, but as we know there are lessons to be learned in every case study. Here’s a few things we’ve learned surfing the Facebook wave of change.

React, adapt, then evolve.

Most of us jumped on the Facebook train, took a ride, and now we’re ready to get off. (Similar to those old phonebook days) We only use it when we need it, there are much more luxurious vehicles out there providing us with what we want when we want it. Applying this thinking to everyday business will help leaders and business owners staying focused on what your customers want and how they want it.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value

A little dust on a wine bottle shows character—not so in social media. To remain fresh in the eyes of consumers you must engage. Ask yourself how do they want to dissect information—video, ebook, phone, virtual chat, in-person—knowing how your customers want to me talked to and in what method will help provide valuable information they want.

Never stop learning

Striving to learn more everyday—about your customers, your competitors, and innovative materials processes, procedures and technologies—and your company/brand will stay at the forefront of your industry.

Break what you build

It’s hard to start over—especially in business. But it’s vital if you want to remain relevant. Especially in social, revise your content strategy, measure what’s worked and what’s worked better, learn from those insights, and use those as foundational building blocks.

Words will never communicate like actions

People want to interact. People crave information—fast, concise, information at their fingertips. So beyond simply scheduling posts, enter act, respond, provide your fans with resources beyond what you sell. In business and in life, always remember actions speak louder than words.

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