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Insta Friend Feature: Warren's Garden

We love making friends and connections on Instagram. What we love more is learning from others and how they use social to benefit their business. Warren’s Garden is a local gardening enthusiast, currently selling succulents, organic creations, and providing plant perscrpitions and advice in his antique mall. He’s currently in conversation to collar with a local garden center in 2015 so stay tuned for that!

We connected with them on Instagram sharing a love of growth and nature. Here’s his story and how he utilizes social media for his business.

“Instagram helped me make connections I never imagined possible.”

Upon joining Instagram two years ago, I didn't have a business or a partner, I simply joined to share my plants and experiences with people. I was massively unaware that I would connect and meet people from all over the world.

I've never been to school for horticulture. My passion for growth and plants led to my self-teachings of the field at the age of twelve. I recall, my grandfather taking me to nurseries and I would dig through their "dead piles" bringing home dying plants, hoping to bring them back to life. It made me tick. And admittedly I was really good at it, people were amazed by my ability to restore plants to health awarding me the label of a “green thumb”. And this thumb has led me to connecting with others sharing these tips and love for plant restoration, health, and growth. Instagram has been a great place to make these connections, share information, and obtain information.

“I use Instagram to tell the story of my business.”

Instagram is a platform that’s not only helped me network and make connections all over the world, but it helps me tell my story. I am able to share my passion with the world, pictorially. And a picture speaks 1000 words when you’re not there to speak the words yourself. People connect with my love for plants and want to be part of that story. Instagram has created a group of brand advocates and enhanced my brand recognition, something I couldn’t have done at this rate at a global level on my own.

“Engagement is vital.”

Instagram is a place for interaction, exchanging common likes and interests. Which is why

I always make sure I respond to as many of my followers as I can. As with any business, I believe interaction with customers is one of the best things for your business.

“Social media benefits my business.”

I've been very lucky to connect with as many people as I have on Instagram and the collaborations that spark from it never cease to amaze me. Many businesses have approached Warren’s Garden to collaborate on special promotions or giveaways. Collaboration is a very powerful tool for business and Instagram makes it very easy to connect and employ such collaborations and marketing offerings. It not only draws people to your business page but connects with like-minded people. A few I’ve been lucky to collaborate with are @coffeemorning21 @oldfactorysoap @thetinyfarmer

@gardenstamp @rockeewhimsyart @burpee @botanical_interests

Social media helps me reach more people than if I was doing this alone, on a local scale. With followers from Ireland, Thailand, Dominica Republic, Rio, even places I've never heard of. The ability to get my plants and succulents to places around the globe and to be seen and loved by people I've never meet, there is just no words for that. It's an amazing, accomplished feeling and it’s all thanks to social media.


Thanks to our friends at Warren’s Garden we're offering all of our social friends the opportunity to win this beautiful Aeonium succulent planter.

To win you must do the following:

1. Follow both @WarrensGarden and @PeakPineSocial on Insta

2. Re-post this photo on your Insta & tag 3 friends

3. Visit and comment below telling us who your favorite Instagram account to follow is

*Winner will be selected at random and announced July 1st.


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