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Facebook Is A-Changin'

Attention small businesses and Facebook page managers, you may have noticed that very few of your posts have hit the new feeds lately and perhaps your reach has decreased drastically. Why? Because…. Facebook made a change to the way some pages are classified and in some cases the way Facebook delivers content into News Feeds has been wiped out. What this means for you is that Facebook will now not be showing posts unless your users register as "active users", the algorithm looks at things like if the users is an active Liker and Sharer of your content, and only those that are are likely to see your content in their news feeds. So, if you want to get your posts back into your Facebook News Feed, you should encourage your fans to do the following: 1. Visit Facebook Wall and start Liking, Sharing and Commenting on recent posts directly from there—registering the user as "active" with Facebook. 2. Opt-in to get notifications when new content is posted. (that option is a drop down option within notifications where you see the Liked button in the cover image)—ensuring the user sees your posts on Facebook enabling them to engage and interact. Hopefuly all of this will help your fans receive more of the content you're spending time to create.

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