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Why Exploring Pinterest is a Good Idea for Your Business

Pinterest is often an afterthought in social media.

People don't consider it a viable social platform or can't wrap their head around how to make it work for their business. Undoubtedly it takes some thought, planning and refining, but those businesses that have, have seen great success in doing so.

Consider the numbers:

**love stats? Here's more.

It's time every business thought about how to utilize the power of Pinterest.

Getting Started

Create a plan for your account before you open it and start mindlessly creating boards. All boards should have a purpose and link back to what your company does or the interest and expectations of your customers to help create the right type of traffic to your business.

Creating Boards

Keep them concise, too many overwhelms people, and frankly leaves you wondering what board should I pin this to? Creating boards that relate to what you do or offer is a great start and build from there.


Pinterest offers businesses analytics. This is useful information for honing your Pinterest efforts, so make sure they're enabled by linking your website to Pinterest and enabling pin buttons for images and content on your website.

Learn + Refine

The great thing about social media is you can always change it. Almost everything is track-able so you can see what's working, what's not, and refine and cater to those findings.

Photo Credit Jason A Howie

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