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Social Media & The Job Hunt

Often people overlook social media when it comes to their job hunt. Searching for a job is a job in itself. Endlessly sifting through job boards, creating custom cover letters, amending your resume for each job position. It can be tiring and cumbersome for most of us. Now you have 2-10 social media outlets to manage and you think to yourself what's the point? Does it really matter? Will they really not hire me because my Linkedin Profile is 2 years old and doesn't reflect my current resume? Or because I have very questionable material connected to my profiles.

We’re here to tell you it does.

Social is not only an opportunity to describe yourself and pictorially show what you can do outside of the black and white traditional CV, but it allows you to create a memorable statement through without physically meeting someone. They feel like they know you, which is the key to any great resume.

If you don't it communicates you're lazy, perhaps out-dated or unaware of trends, or just not wiling to do what the next guy is, which no employer wants. They start to question why you're not involved with such mediums, time and technology management skills.

So if you're in the job market, or even if you're not, it's a great idea to keep your social profiles maintained and active, even a quick run through once a month will keep your accounts current and relevant. If not delete them.

Photo Credit: Gabriela Pinto

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