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Measurements are more than numbers

Social media successes are extremely hard to measure. Sure there are many tools available that help track ideal posting times, what posts are more popular than others, what hashtags to use, and what topics are trending—along with many other tips and tricks to the trade. But what is Impossible to measure is influence.

Social media is a tool to influence others. And while brands and companies can influence people. The power of influence is crowd sourced amongst the people.

By using social media as a medium to reach others and have them advocate your brand for you is, well priceless in our opinion. Who would you believe or be more inclined to try something new from: a post from your best friend or a brand you’ve made purchases from. No brainer.

Our team took a survey and we’ve all purchased products we’ve seen recommended by friends through social media outlets. Furthermore we’ve donated to causes our friends have recommended. And we’ve all attended events we’ve seen posted on Instagram and Facebook. And admittedly only have an average 45% success rate for the Pinterest projects we’ve attempted.

By creating relationships and reciprocating with them through social people advocate your brand messages for you, essentially creating a rallying cry for products, services or cause. Simply put, if you’re not using social media as a tool for your business, you’re missing valuable opportunities.

And the next time you beat yourself up over the number of likes your post received, remember you may have influenced someone to engage with your brand whom never would have before, or someone could be showing that post to their friend, family member or co-worker right now, and they could be in your shop purchasing later today, and you never knew it was a result of that post.

Share on party people.

Photo Credit: Bhumika Bhatia

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